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FREE Training and Skills Acquisition in Ikot Ekpene, Akwa Ibom state - Helping Hands International

FREE Training and Skills Acquisition coming soon @ Ikot Ekpene, Akwa Ibom state - Helping Hands International.

  • Web Design
  • Computer Appreciation
  • Ankara bag /Shoe making
  • Bead making
  • Liquid / Bar soap making
  • Perfume, bleach & insecticide making
  • Fish and poultry farming
  • ETC.


HOW TO GET REGISTERED ? Whatsapp :  07036689116 or email :

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

H2i Director - Helping Hands International: (VIDEO) 10 HP Laptops received in 1 day in CALABAR...

H2i Director - Helping Hands International: (VIDEO) 10 HP Laptops received in 1 day in CALABAR...: A medical doctor at University of Calabar received 10 HP Laptops from Helping Hands International. Get registered today. Wha...


You can get your dream CAR by investing only N6,600 ($40) in Helping Hands International.

For your registration, kindly contact or whatsapp : +2347036689116 or email :


  • Interest free LOAN
        - Business loan
        - Elite Club members loan
  •     Humanitarian services - Check our product and services page for details
  •     Asset/Property support service
  •     Trade and skill acquisition service
  •     Income opportunity
  •     Free internet ready LAPTOP
  •     Brand new car
  •     Yearly global pool
  •     House of your own
  •     All expenses paid trip
  •     Infinity Bonus
  •     Residual income for life
  •     Free educational fund for your children 

(VIDEO) 10 HP Laptops received in 1 day in CALABAR - Helping Hands International (H2i)

A medical doctor at University of Calabar received 10 HP Laptops from Helping Hands International.

Get registered today.

Whatsapp :  07036689116

Email :



This is the last stage and its just 2 x 2 Matrix, when 6 members of your previous matrix join you in prime minister's stage, you will receive $12,000 paid in two levels, and 5% matching to your upline.
$2000 paid as you fill your level 1
Plus another
$10,000 paid when the matrix completely filled up (that is level 2).

As you completes the last stage (prime minister's stage) you get all necessary reward and incentives as follows:

    International trip
    Housing fund
    Educational fund
    Yearly infinity bonus
    Yearly Elite Club members loan (up to $44,000)

Plus a re-entry into prime minister's stage again and again Enjoy more benefits and incentives again and again as matrix is being filled. Each time there is a re-entry into prime minister's Matrix, $500 is being deducted automatically and such status is changed with star two (**) indicating second tenure, third tenure entry is Star 3 (***), this is to differentiate a Prime Minister from 2nd tenure or 3rd tenure prime minister or 4th up to the 6th tenure prime minister.

When a prime minister attain the 6th star level, as he is about to start the 7th tenure he is given an opportunity occupy one of our prestigious position as a Director(TRUSTEE). Board of TRUSTEE is a most coveted position in Helping Hands International, with mouthwatering and enticing benefits and lots of luxuries and fulfillment packages.


This is the last stage of our compensation plan and it's a 2 x 2 forced matrix with a spill over and spill under, when you completes stage4, you are promoted to start this 2 x 2 matrix with you on top.
The bonus in this stage is $12,000 and its paid in 2 levels:
Level 1 = $2,000
Level 2 = $ 10,000
Total = $12,000
5% matching bonus of $600 is paid to up link.

Additional Incentives

  • Housing fund -$40,000.
  • All Expense paid Int'l Trip
  • Educational Fund ( $2,000.)
  • Yearly Infinity Bonus ($5,000).
  • 5% Matching Bonus to uplink ($600).
  • Elite Club members Loan (Up to 44,000)
You earn and collect the incentives above over and over and over again as you complete each re-entry. (reentry fee = $500)

Here, immediately the Prime Minister's matrix is completed, YOU are re-entered again into stage 5 Matrix, a re-entry fee of $500 is automatically deducted from your earnings to position you for another round of payment, incentives, plus qualify for more benefits. You will need another 6 followers to collect another round of entitlement. Now each time you emerged as a "Prime Minister" after completing the matrix, You are automatically re-entered back into the existing stage 5 matrix with 3 existing members on it. You come under from the left hand side as number 4 on the 2nd level of the matrix (your downlinks), whereas on your dashboard you are on top of your matrix with 2 stars **, indicating 2nd tenure on Prime Minister's stage (xxx-3stars- indicating 3rd tenure) until you have 6 stars(******)



As those in your matrix turn Super Master you will receive $2000 from level 1-5 of the matrix and another $4000 when your matrix is completed, Totaling = $6,000 matrix bonus, simultaneously your uplink will receive $300 as matching bonus and your position changed to Prime Minister.

In addition to cash bonus of $6000, you will get.

    An executive Hyundai worth over $27,000 (delivered to you 3 weeks of your qualification)
    $1,000 empowerment for one motherless home or disabled home in your neighborhood.
    Interest FREE Loan due – up to $12,000 (no collateral is required)


This is the last stage of 2 x 5 matrix, you are positioned here, starting from the top of the matrix, the matrix get filled downward from level1to level 5 and as each level gets filled you are paid from level to level causing cash flow for you and others. The matrix bonus here is $6000, $3000 paid from level 1-4 and the balance of $4000 is paid when the matrix is completed.

What a cash generating system!

Here is the levels breakdown;

Level 1 = $300
Level 2 = $300
Level 3 = $500
Level 4 = $900
Level 5 = $4000
TOTAL = $6,000

Matching bonus of 5% =$300 is paid to uplink automatically.

Additional Incentives:

    Executive car (Hyundai Jeep) --- over $27,000
    Empowerment for 1 Motherless Home
    Interest FREE Loan (up to $12,000) – on request
    5% Matching Bonus to uplink --- $ 300.



As those in your 2 x 5 matrix turn master, you will receive $1,500 from level 1-5 and another $1,500 when the matrix is filled up three things will happen simultaneously

    As you get paid the balance of $1,500
    Your direct uplink will receive Matching Bonus of $150 and
    Your status will automatically change to Super Master

You get a brand new Hyundai ix10 (worth over $10,000)
You will be required to recommend two persons to for empowerment. Both will receive $1000 each. Now, you are not only changing your life but you are affecting lives of others and changing their lives for the better. It's a priceless service. Whether you make yourself available to a friend or co-worker, or less privilege, there is nothing that harvests more of a feeling of empowerment than being of service to someone in need.

Give a helping hand today! Invite someone to join us today!!


This is the second 2 x 5 matrix, as you complete stage 2, stage 3 is formed with you on top starting the 2 x 5 matrix.

The matrix bonus paid out in this stage is $3000 breaking down into –

$200 in level1
$300 in level2
$500 in level 3
$500 – level4
$1500 – level 5

A total of $3000 is paid out in this stage, and as this is happening your position is automatically changed to occupy the top position of stage4. You will be paid $3000 matrix bonus, while your uplink gets $150 - 5% matching bonus

Additional Incentives:

    1st brand new car (Hyundai)-- $10,000
    Empowerment for 2 people on recommendation ($1000 each) ---- $2,000.
    5% Matching Bonus to uplink ---- $150



As those in your matrix (6 in total) fills their matrix and collect their associate matrix bonus (at least $24), they follow you down to masters stage which is a 2 by 5 forced matrix, with the spill under effect your matrix is filled faster, because with this matrix system, you don't lose your matrix members. Unlike breakaway or board splitting system where all your downlinks are scattered, making it difficult for you to grow. As your direct and indirect passes through the feeder matrix, they collect $26 (if they refer only 2) and you will collect $1,000 as your matrix bonus.

NB: The system causes a regular cash flow for members, you don't have to wait for the matrix to get filled. You collect money as you progresses and another when its completely filled.

In addition to $1,000, you get FREE laptop (or ipad) to enhance your online success.

MATCHING BONUS: Is another way for members to earn from their direct referrals. You get 10% match each time your direct referral completes a stage, 10% of $1,000 = $100 is paid to direct up line. Matching bonus runs from stage 2 to 5.

As this is happening your helping hand account is automatically changed to;


This is the first 2 x 5 matrix and everybody here must have passed through the feeder matrix – the ASSOCIATE stage. And because it is a follow me matrix, anybody underneath you in your matrix can jump from under to cause a spill under to fill till the up-uplink matrix;

NOTE;Matching Bonus start from stage 2 with 10% paid to upline when direct referrals completes stage 2.

And 5% from stage 3-5. $150 to upline in stage3, $300 to upline in stage 4 and $600 in stage 5.

Stage 2 matrix bonus is $1000 cash, earnings paid from level 1-5 of matrix Stage –
Level 1 = Nil
Level 2---- $100,
Level 3 – 200$,
Level 4 = $300
Level 5 - $400

Total MATRIX BONUS = $1000

Additional incentives when the matrix is filled,

    A CUG PHONE - on process with a reliable Telecommunication company
    10% Matching bonus to uplink

As you get promoted to stage3. Since matrix bonus paid out when stage2 filled up is $1000, Your uplink gets 10% ($100) simultamously.



As an ASSOCIATE member your helping hands international account is enabled to sponsor and introduce others with your referral link or direct referring. You can then introduce at least 2 and these 2 introduce their own 2 each. You get 20% ($8) for each person you introduced. So if you introduce all 6 in your foundation matrix, you get $8 x 6 = $48 instantly plus $10 matrix bonus making it a total of $58. If you introduced at least 2 members - you make $26, giving you 80% of your investment back same day. Incredible right?, how much more when you introduce all 6 in your matrix, You will make $58 that is over 150% return-wonderful! So what you waiting for call friends and relations, refer as many as you can and rake in good money.

When the 2 you brought also brought 2 each direct or indirectly with the help of spill-over effect.

As you collect your matrix bonus, your account status is automatically set to.


ASSOCIATE is a 2 x 2 matrix which serves as a feeder matrix, feeding stage 2 to stage 5 of this compensation plan. when the 2 x 2 get filled, You automatically promoted to stage 2 likewise everybody on the board, once their matrix is filled they get promoted to stage 2 which is a 2 x 5 matrix and they are paid as they progress. A referral bonus of $16 is paid for introducing 2 or $48 for introducing 6 new members, Plus matrix bonus of $10 paid when the 2 x 2 matrix get filled. So you earn either $26 or $58 as the case nay be.

Every member start their own matrix occupying the top position, even if they are part of their up line's matrix.
Stage 1 MATRIX BONUS == $10
Total bonus paid in stage 1= $26

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

FREE Skill Acquistion and Training - ( Benin ) Helping Hands International

Here comes FREE skill acquisition and training in Benin.

Contact us now for your reservation.

Whatsapp : 07036689116

A million Dollar $ Questions and Answers About Helping Hands International H2i

Q1* What are the sources of this Organization income ( money)?

H2i source of income/ revenue; H2i generates fund through donors, donations and registration fees. As well known, NGOs depend on donations, grants and philanthropist supports. There are institutions, industries, companies and individuals who give willfully to charitable organization without expecting anything in return. If you check h2i website, you'll see where you're ask to donate... Again mostly h2i generates a lot income/fund from its partners' donations (registration fees of $40;#6,600) each. That's why you don't earn the moment you sign up until you introduce others to partner with h2i and immediately you register someone you get 20% payment of your referral's registration fee instantly. Or given you a laptop or a car immediately you sign up. If that is possible, I'll personally call it scam. But until you must have attained to a certain stage before you'll be awarded with your entitled benefits/incentives and by then h2i must have generated huge revenue through your link. Let's do a rough estimate of one million Partners X $40(#6,600) =....
Another means of generating their income is through the website. H2i happens to be one of the highest visiting site in the world. Millions of h2i partners and prospects round the world visit h2i website on a daily basis and that's a huge residual income for the organization itself.
Finally, 3% of government budget goes to registered NGOs ( H2i Reg No. CACA/IT/NO: 72874 ) . So with these different means of generating income, h2i is sustainable and reliable.

Q2* What will happen if the sponsors like Hyundai, HP, Apple, Glo, etc withdraw their support to this organization?

H2i is in business/partnership with Hyundai, HP, Apple, etc. These companies are not the prime sponsor of h2i per se rather h2i members are the prime sponsor through their donations ( registration fees ). The companies are partnering with h2i in order to supply the additional incentives at a discount rate. Therefore, on a real sense h2i is paying for those items while the companies are giving those items out on discount rate since h2i is an NGO.
These companies are at advantage for identifying/partnering with h2i. So if they should withdraw, they'll be the ones at loss. In fact, the companies are benefiting a lot from your advertisement because whenever you're advertising your h2i biz, you're eventually advertising Hyundai, HP, Apple, Glo, etc... So for their partnership with h2i is a big plus to them. Just imagine the increase in sales these companies must have made in two years in Nigeria, especially HP,  Apple and Hyundai where thousands of laptops/iPads and over 78 Elentra cars were given out. Normally, this couldn't have been possible without h2i initiative.
In conclusion, if any of these companies withdraw I bet you many companies out there will lobby their way to partner with h2i.

Q3* Is the payment on this organization being put on monthly basis?

H2i payment/earning system is not on monthly basis, rather it operates by automated payment system, which is based on terms and conditions. As a registered member of h2i once you register any prospect with your link ( username ), you'll receive referral bonus (20%=$8)... instantly. And same happen when a stage or level is complete you'll receive your matrix bonus instantly, plus matching bonus.
Therefore, if it takes you an hour, day, week or month to complete any stage or level you'll be automatically and instantly paid. Likewise, any time you complete any stage that has additional incentives (laptop/ipad or car), it'll be duly given to you without any delay, the moment you qualified for it.
So what's the terms and conditions here? is your involvement in the business aspects, after signing up with $40(#6,600) and then introduce your two partners and your two partners doing likewise... continuously from one set of partners to another. It's the continuous process that will guarantee your earnings and incentives. So it now depends on how fast or slow your team, network, link or chain is moving/growing...
In conclusion, it's your personal and your team inputs that will determine the proposition of your outputs/outcomes.

Q4* Is this organization for real?

H2i is very genuine and real with genuinely proven and tested matrix system. First and foremost, any international NGO is registered with United Nations (UN) and h2i currency ( Ewallet ) is approved by the World Bank. 
The Founder (CEO) Mrs Luzviminda Mac-Elvis have been running charitable missions, rendering humanitarian services from one country/Continent to another. Her achievements so far- humanitarian project executed in Cambodia, Kenya, Haiti and Nigeria. Charity tours to India and Pakistan to help the less privileged. It was her good records that made it possible for her to run an international NGO.
The people ( the founder and cofounder) behind this organization are people of integrity and reputation. And very visible unlike some online businesses where the founders are faceless and nowhere to be found. They've been running this charity mission for years before MLM was recently infused into the program, in order to sought for more partners globally.
May 2014, Mrs Luzviminda was in Nigeria live to officially launch African zonal corporate head office and first car award ceremony. It was then she approved trade and skill acquisition for all associate members ( stage 1 ) which supposed to be for Super-Masters ( stage 3 ) members only. Less I forget, May last year 2015, our CEO was in Dubai with over 75 Partners( those in stage 3: level 3 – Super-Masters) that qualified for international trip ( Dubai ) all expense paid... By now you must have seen pictures and videos of events; visit to orphanage homes, food items given out to widows, financial empowerment for nonmembers (less privileged), trade and skill acquisitions acquired by members, laptops/iPads awards, car awards. Our evidences are beyond doubt.

Q5* In the collection of items at a stage completed, who will deliver it to me? If it's my sponsor ( up line ), what if something happen with the sponsor that is bringing it to me or if he just disappeared, can he be found?

Since I joined h2i, I haven't heard of any complaint from any Partner who has qualified for additional incentive and was denied. And in terms of the money earned, it's paid into your ewallet account instantly & automatically. Once you qualify for any of the items, get your sponsor (active sponsor) informed, while your sponsor should inform h2i Head Office or zonal office. The official time for laptop/iPad to be processed and be ready is within two weeks and the requirements; your username/ID Number, name, etc...
And with the new update, car award ceremony has been decentralized, within three weeks your car will be delivered to you in your locality.
So the collection of items is based on choice either you get it yourself or your sponsor can get it on your behalf which should be based on agreement & trust. Meanwhile, I don't think any responsible sponsor would want to claim his/her downline items ( laptops/iPads) because knowing fully well that the items awarded to his team members will generate more people into his link/team indirectly – also beholding more of the benefits that stand before him in the future.
But if he doesn't deliver it to you,kindly report him/her to the head office and others will be history because we don't tolerate fraud or scam..

Final conclusion to above questions. H2i is a sustainable income opportunity that will out live this generation to another. And if h2i is a scam none of these reputable companies ( Hyundai, Apple, HP, GAC, Glo, etc...) would dare to identified themselves with this organization called HELPINGHANDS INTERNATIONAL (H2I).
In the nearest future more program will be added/introduced into the existing ones, like housing (estate) and properties where members can owned apartment of their own. And many companies & banks will eventually partner with h2i.
One of the reasons companies or organizations fold up is because they run at loss. Do you know how much h2i makes by the time you complete stage 1 or stage 2, talk alone of stage 3??? Do your calculation and the answer will tell why this organization will continue to grow stronger and stronger. And that's aside of donations from other international companies.
My joy is, to enjoy all these huge and amazing benefits, all that is needed of me, is to sow my seed of $40(#6,600). A onetime investment that will continue to generate for me and my generation a lifetime residual income and infinite bonuses with my initial involvement!!!

Change is permanent! My dear people MLM is getting better and easier by the day. Change your orientation, mindset and attitude towards MLM especially with h2i that is genuinely tested and proven.
Seize this golden opportunity and you'll ever be grateful to God and the person He used to delivered this toy you.

Whatsapp :  07036689116
Enomfon Udourom

Onitsha Car Award/Skills Acquistion Training 2016 - H2i

Kaduna 1st Car Award (May 07, 2016) - H2i

H2i Laptop and Cheque Beneficiaries